Personal Injury

Ruta Soulios & Stratis LLP represents clients who have been injured through the negligence of others.  Cases have involved general negligence, construction accidents, products liability, medical malpractice, lead paint poisoning, wrongful death, municipal negligence, premises liability, and automobile accidents.  We obtain maximum compensation for our clients by thoroughly investigating and understanding the facts and circumstances of each case.  know that when someone is injured, they are in need of immediate attention and prompt answers to their questions.  At Ruta Soulios & Stratis LLP we work hard to fight for the rights of our clients and to ensure they are informed of the progress of their case.

The following are a few examples of the cases that we have been involved with prosecuting:

$4,500,000 settlement for a construction worker that suffered severe injuries to his hands, back, and feetwhen he fell off a cross beam due to his employer's failure to provide proper safety equipment.

$3,000,000 settlement obtained at trial for a porter who was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street in the crosswalk, requiring five knee surgeries of which one was a partial knee replacement

$2,500,000 settlement obtained during the damage phase of a jury trial involving a construction worker severely injured when he was ripped off of a building under construction in Times Square by an unsafe hoist.

$2,500,000 settlement obtained at trial for an acclaimed artist who was struck by a van while crossing the street in the crosswalk, resulting in a fractured patella and other knee injuries which resulted in a knee replacement

$2,300,000 jury verdict against the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation for failure to diagnose breast cancer.

$1,900,000 settlement on the eve of a jury trial in a case where doctors failed to diagnose breast cancer requiring surgery in the form of a mastectomy on the plaintiff who was more than five months pregnant.

$1,535,883 settlement in a case where two women were severely injured when the vehicle in which they were passengers collided with a tractor trailer that was reversing in the moving lane of traffic on the New York State Thruway

$1,350,000 settlement for an 18-year-old motorcycle rider when he was struck by a car, resulting in a below-the-knee amputation of his left leg.

$1,000,000 settlement on the eve of a jury trial in a case in which the plaintiff was a passenger in a motor vehicle that lost control on the entrance ramp of route 84 and was hit broad side by a tractor trailer .

$850,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a 30 year-old motorcycle rider who was hit by a drunk driver.

$650,000 settlement in a case in which a sanitation worker and was hit by a vehicle while collecting garbage which resulted in serious injuries requiring surgery to his foot and ankle.

$600,000 settlement in a case where a tow truck driver was operating a tow truck and a NYC Transit bus crossed the double yellow line colliding with the tow truck.

Our size and prompt individual attention to each client make Ruta Soulios & Stratis LLP an effective option for you.  For more information on our personal injury law practice, please contact us at (212) 997-4500 or email us at