Constitutional Law

The Constitution of the United States, along with the New York and New Jersey State Constitutions, list a number of rights that belong to every person. Those are an individual's constitutional rights, and they provide an invaluable protection against the unjust or unfounded use of the law. Every single governing body in the United States is required to protect these rights

Constitutional Law interprets and implements everything that is denoted in the United States Constitution. Given that the Constitution lays out the fundamental laws for this country, Constitutional Law deals with underlying issues relating to the dynamics between the different governing bodies and their relationship with the people. The Constitutional Law Team of Ruta, Soulios & Stratis can represent either an individual or an organization to defend against legal issues that threaten to violate their most basic fundamental constitutional rights. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable with the law and the interpretation of the Constitution and all its matters, such as:

  • Bill of Rights
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Affirmative Action
  • Fifth Amendment

Whether you are filing a claim for constitutional rights violation, or defending yourself from one, it is important to know that every person has the same basic rights under the law. Even a criminal is protected, meaning he/she is still entitled to an attorney, a fair trial, and to produce evidence, among others.

Are you in need of a Constitutional Law Attorney? Have your constitutional rights been violated? Contact the Constitutional Law Team of Ruta, Soulios & Stratis to get help with your case today. When you, your company or your loved one needs help in a Civil Rights or Constitutional Law matter, the attorneys in the Constitutional Law Team of Ruta, Soulios & Stratis are here to fight to protect your rights and fight for your.

Our Constitutional Law Team has represented individuals, municipalities, and organizations in State and Federal Court who are asserting their rights to exercise their religion, express free speech, and enjoy the very basic liberties our founding fathers provided for all to enjoy. Our Team has been involved in cases resulting in legal decision that are published legal precedent and ground breaking. Let the Constitutional Law Team of Ruta, Soulios & Stratis represent you.

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